The decision you make regarding how and when to claim your Social Security benefits will be among the most complex and largest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime; and now being informed has become more important than ever! Most individuals are completely unaware of a few little-known strategies capable of greatly increasing your lifetime benefits and your quality of life in retirement. We have found that many people do not consider their Marital Status, Taxes, Medicare, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), and their Income Gap among others, when planning for their Social Security and retirement income. This is your opportunity to learn some crucial factors you should consider PRIOR TO APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY.

Get these questions answered:

  • How to decide the best time to apply?
  • How much income you can expect to receive?
  • How to minimize taxes?
  • How to coordinate benefits with your spouse?
  • How working can effect your benefits?

Please join your hosts, Bret Elam and David Bezar of Thrive Financial Services, for this very informative, educational event. We welcome those who are at or nearing retirement to join us for an enlightening discussion on how to avoid some very common mistakes people make in signing up for Social Security benefits and get the most from your Social Security benefits. Learn how making one uninformed decision could potentially impact your retirement income by tens of thousands of dollars! Timing could be everything!


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