Our Support Team

James Kahle

Marketing Coordinator

James joined the team as Agency Coordinator in late 2014 coming from a background of marketing and team management. Before being introduced to Thrive, he had little experience in business or financial services. “After I met David Bezar and Bret Elam, I knew I had a lot to learn but these were the guys who were going to teach me.” Combining his passion for organization and communication, James quickly integrated himself into the Thrive culture and currently helps maintain our front end and back office processes. James became a licensed PA insurance agent in 2015 and continues to learn the industry and take steps toward further development.

James is also involved in the scheduling and preparation for our educational workshops. You will usually find him greeting people at our registration table or sneaking a cookie at the snack table. For anyone you know who might be interested in attending one of our educational workshops, James can certainly help get them signed up. Using his knowledge of technology and his passion for helping, he has become our “systems guy” — the go to person for our Generational Vault program. If you’re interested in learning more about the Thrive Generational Vault, feel free to give James a call.

Very rarely will you ever see James without a smile. His positive attitude and poise positively influence those around him. For fun, James likes to read books, cook gourmet meals and stay active in his free time. Say hello next time you see him; you’re bound to end up in an interesting conversation.

Margaret Rahill

Compliance Manager and Controller

About five months after “retiring” from 20 years of service at Liberty Mutual, Peggy joined Thrive to contribute to the functions of financial reporting and compliance. In addition to a graduate degree in risk management, Peggy holds several insurance designations, but her most recent accomplishment is becoming an investment advisor representative at Thrive.

A long-time resident of Flourtown, PA, Peggy is a wife, mom and “Mamie” to one baby girl. As a family, one of our favorite things is to go to Cape May, NJ where we rent a place. Next time, we’ll need a bigger place as we are awaiting the imminent birth of two more grandchildren! In addition to spending time with her family, Peggy travels to Ireland every year to visit her eight first cousins and their families on the other side of the Atlantic.

Brittany Hodge

Client Services Specialist

Brittany is a recent addition to the Thrive Financial Services’ team joining in 2017 as a Client Services Specialist. You will typically see her at the front desk when you enter our office as well as assisting as a host during our evening seminars.

She graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a B.S. in Business Administration and has since worked in the Insurance & Financial Services Industry for several years. She started her career by becoming a licensed PA Life Insurance Agent and later moved into the Investment side of the industry.

Brittany has always had a passion for business and finance and aspires to help people achieve their financial goals. Her background and her enthusiasm assist others makes her a great fit for the Thrive culture. In her free time Brittany enjoys traveling, going to sporting events & concerts, and spending time with her dog, Baxter.

Myrna Bezar

Client Liaison

Myrna has many DECADES of business experience, she joined Thrive Financial Services recently as a client liaison, and has quickly become an integral part of the team. We have received so many compliments from clients who have had the pleasure of speaking with Myrna. One actually wanted to take her out to lunch!

Myrna’s past experience includes organizing and presenting at Women’s Empowerment Seminars, recruiting insurance agents, and working in the insurance industry both in Arizona and here in the Philadelphia area. In fact, we are hoping that Myrna will contribute to Thrive’s Women’s Empowerment Seminars which we plan to begin soon!

In 2009, Myrna and her husband, Bill decided to move back to our area from Arizona to be closer to family and grandchildren.

Next time you’re in our office, please check to see if Myrna is available to say hello! By the way, Myrna is David Bezar’s Mom.

Jillian Bogucki

Marketing Manager

Jillian joined the Thrive team in 2017 as the Marketing Manager with a strong background in digital, direct and strategic marketing. She began her career at a Philadelphia based commercial printer specializing in large print-runs and direct mail. Her background, mixed with a consistently positive attitude and goal-orientated mindset, makes her a key component to the Thrive team.

Jillian graduated from West Chester University with a B.A. in English and has since been working diligently towards her M.S. in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University.

At Thrive Financial Services, Jillian strives to grow the company to its greatest potential through strategic business development techniques. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activity, writing, baking and playing with her dog, Bentley.