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Do I Even Need A Financial Advisor?

TFS 31 | Financial Advisor

  There are so many pitfalls that people unknowingly trip over when it comes to planning their retirement. Explore the ways in which you can better prepare yourself for it. Avoid the mistake of thinking that you don’t need a financial advisor. Bringing out the topic of behavioral economics, it’s clear how capable people are…

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How Do You Make Decisions

TFS 30 | How Do You Make Decisions

  The market conditions, whether it’s the Dow or the Nasdaq or it’s the SMP making a new highs pretty much each week and little retracement then back high again, can confuse people. The old adage of buy low and sell high is the theory behind successful investing. Unfortunately and statistically, most retail investors end…

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What Happens When Your Spouse Passes

TFS 29 | When Your Spouse Passes

  There are only two inevitable things in life, death and taxes. We’ve covered taxes quite a bit during our workshops, but what happens when your spouse passes? It can be a difficult topic to talk about when death is the subject. It is an inevitable reality but it’s certainly something that should be dealt…

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Retirement vs. Single Women

TFS 28 | Retirement vs. Single Women

  Statistically, it is said that 90% of women are likely to manage all their household finances in the United States. And yet, many still find themselves on the ropes, not knowing what to do. Sherri Eigen and Diane Cardano join together to give some helpful insights and tips to regarding retirement vs. single women.…

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What’s Going On In The Investment World?

TFS 25 | The Investment World

  Much that happens in the investment world affects our retirement plans. It helps to know whatever is going on in it. David, Karen, Bret, and Joe have us covered as they discuss about the worries people often have with retirement, how to deal with investment risks, and when the worst time to retire is.…

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Your Early Retirement Package

TFS 26 | Early Retirement

  It is very necessary to plan for your future retirement early on. But sometimes, with different kinds of offers around, navigating through it can seem like a task. You may find yourself being forced into that situation which could be detrimental if you don’t know how to handle it. Thrive goes over three main…

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