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Plan Your 30-Year Vacation Today with Bob Hansen

TFS 35 | 30-Year Vacation

  Retirement is like a 30-year vacation, but the route to that 30-year vacation can be a very bumpy one. Most people get very stressed when they’re in transit, even when they’re going on a trip that they’ve looked forward to for a lot of years. The stresses of a long layover are a bit…

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Securing Your Retirement Assets

TFS 34 | Retirement Assets

  Do you have a plan in place for retirement? Is your money going to last during your retirement? The rules during retirement are very different than the rules that you use to invest to create your nest egg. It’s like physics. That law of physics states that a body at rest tends to stay…

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Do You Really Understand Your Plan?

TFS 33 | Annuity

  With folks that are a few years out from retirement or have entered retirement, a big dominant question, a big topic of conversation that pops up is annuities. Annuity might be some people’s favorite subject, but generally, when we talk about annuity, there is so much confusion and so much misunderstanding about what the…

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Dealing With Unplanned Retirement

TFS 32 | Unplanned Retirement

  Something that’s as real as the day is long is rightsizing. Unplanned retirement is a possible reality that you have to deal with when you get to be a certain age. It’s devastating to some people, while some people see it as a welcomed type of situation. They’re ready and this forced the situation…

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