Get the information that can help you live a confident retirement


Learning how to avoid costly mistakes may be the best investment you can make.

Well-known local retirement income specialists and financial fiduciaries from Thrive Financial Services will illustrate cutting-edge, time-tested techniques and strategies to help you efficiently maximize the spendable money in your pocket with less risk and taxes.

Topics  of discussion include:

• How will the new tax reform bill impact your bottom line and retirement nest egg?

• How you can create a guaranteed retirement income that you and your spouse cannot outlive.

• How will America’s debt & deficit likely impact your retirement.

• How you may dramatically increase your interest earnings – while safeguarding your investments from risk

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May 2022
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Advocacy begins with educational outreach. Everyone can benefit from continuing to strive for a well-rounded education; this is especially true if you are thinking about retiring. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take with your retirement plan to protect your savings and ensure that you’ll have what you need to live a comfortable life.


At Thrive, we want to help you and your loved ones experience greater financial freedom and leave a legacy. Proactively educating the next generation of retirees on how to properly construct and manage their portfolios, and reach their long-term financial objectives is the foundation on which Thrive is built. Join us and learn how to empower yourself.

Why We Do This:

  • Retirees & pre-retirees need a trusted resource to navigate retirement successfully. Our team of fiduciaries will always act in your best interest.
  • Traditional financial professionals do not have a broad enough understanding of how all the puzzle pieces of retirement fit together, but we do!
  • We are experienced financial services professionals. We continuously strive to educate our clients while preserving, protecting, and growing their wealth.

We are Specialists at:

  • Taxes in Retirement – Forward Tax Planning
  • Social Security/Medicare – NSSA certified
  • Legacy/Trust Planning – Experts at Strategy Development
  • Investment Portfolio Risk Management
  • Producing sufficient income despite possible disruptors:
    • Stock market downturn
    • Medical issues
    • Passing of a spouse

We welcome those who are at or nearing retirement to join us for an enlightening discussion on how to avoid some very common mistakes people make. Discover how making one uninformed decision could potentially impact your retirement income by tens of thousands of dollars! The timing could be everything! Our events are best suited for those with $250,000 of investable assets (outside of real estate).


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