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Is My Retirement Plan “Bulletproof”?

By David Bezar | January 31, 2019

David, Karen, and Bret discuss what it means to be “Bulletproof” with your retirement plan. Karen also discusses the importance of caring for retired women, and David goes over the current pension crisis occurring in the United States. We’ve reached a point, David, where we’re midway into January, 28 days in the month of February,…

The Thrive Process

By David Bezar | January 24, 2019

Bret discusses new laws in 2019, Karen talks about the importance of women being involved in their retirement plans, and David goes over what to expect during a complimentary consultation with Thrive. We’re coming off of what I thought was a great discussion last week. There was a great example by Bret, which allowed me…

Expectations for Thrive in 2019

By David Bezar | January 17, 2019

With 2019 now underway, David, Karen, Bret, and Joe discuss the goals set for Thrive Financial Services this year. Today’s show is going to be off the charts because we have so much going on. We have so much information. We’re about to start launching again, and we have an intention this year of doing…

2018 Year in Review

By David Bezar | January 10, 2019

David, Bret, Karen, and Joe discuss the growth and improvements within Thrive Financial Services in 2018, as well as new policies that will be in effect in 2019. David, I want to begin by thanking you, by thanking Karen, and by thanking Bret on behalf of all of the people who have participated in this…

What are RMD’s, and Why are They Important?

By David Bezar | January 3, 2019

David, Karen, Bret, and Joe discuss all things Thrive, including why you should be up-to-date on your knowledge of RMD’s, or required minimum distributions. I can’t believe it David, but we are down to, if there were a calendar or a clock in front of us right now,  everything is clicking over into 2019. It’s…

Financial Trends to Look Out For in 2019

By David Bezar | December 27, 2018

David, Karen, and Bret are joined by Jim and Fran from Del-Val Insurance as they discuss current financial trends heading into 2019 such as extreme market volatility, which could cause uncertainty heading into the new year. I’d like welcome in David Bezar to begin the conversation. It’s going to be rapid fire today. We have…

Why Should I Choose Thrive?

By David Bezar | December 13, 2018

David, Karen, and Bret discuss reasons that separate Thrive Financial from other financial advisories. Other topics include navigating and implementing your retirement plan, along with aligning it to your particular goals.  David we will start with you today. Meetthrivefinancial.com is the window into getting to know you, Karen, and Bret. It’s was created with that purpose in mind…

A Special Thanks to the Veterans!

By David Bezar | December 11, 2018

In case you missed it, we recently held our Veteran’s Appreciation event last Friday, December 7th at North Penn VFW Post #676. If you did attend, we hope you enjoyed your time with us, along with the food and drinks! Our event was a great success and we have received plenty of positive feedback from those…

Am I prepared for Retirement in 2019?

By David Bezar | November 21, 2018

David, Karen, and Bret each discuss a unique topic and trend that is going on in the financial industry. Some topics include stock trends heading into 2019, how to approach annuities, and why you should start saving for retirement now. Listen to the full podcast below! It is becoming more apparent, on a weekly basis,…

The Importance of Knowing Your Insurance

By David Bezar | November 14, 2018

David Bezar, Bret Elam, and Karen Bezar discuss topics such as managing your investments, as well as retirement preparation and knowing which insurance policies will work for certain situations. In partnership with Del-Val Insurance, Jim Muelbronner will also be discussing the topic of insurance. Listen to the podcast here: Karen, how are you? And why…