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TFS 24 | Navigating Early Retirement

Navigating Early Retirement

By David Bezar | May 1, 2018

  You could be receiving your early retirement package whether expectantly or not. Nevertheless, when you are faced with this situation, it helps to know how to navigate early retirement. The Thrive experts discuss all the necessary things you need to know about making retirement decisions, from healthcare up to pension, providing answers for the…

TFS 23 | Financial Infomercial

Thrive: An Infomercial

By David Bezar | April 30, 2018

  In the next ten years, it is said that 50 million baby boomers will turn 65. That means many will be thrust into planning their retirements, if they haven’t already. These days, what people tend to get are a number of infomercials from financial shows on radio, which is unfortunate for those who really…

TFS 22 | Retirement Insurance And Investment

Enter: Delaware Valley Insurance with Fran Salerno, Jim Muehlbronner and Steve Osterink

By David Bezar | April 25, 2018

  Nothing beats preparation when you are trying to get a hold of the future. It is necessary to have things planned before life takes you into an inescapable roller coaster. Even now, people procrastinate doing that. Fran Salerno and Jim Muehlbronner of Delaware Valley Insurance talk about the importance of planning for your retirement.…

TFS 21 | Taxes And Social Security

Taxes, Medicare And Social Security, Oh My

By David Bezar | April 13, 2018

  Every time tax day looms, it’s a nervous time where we scramble at home looking for information, trying to do to figure out if we have everything that the accountant needs to cover our taxes. As we scurry to get everything together, we start asking questions like, “What mistakes did I make? What don’t…

TFS 20 | Retirement Challenges

The Challenges Of Retirement

By David Bezar | March 20, 2018

  Retirement should feel like a safety net that’s going to catch you when the time comes. Yet many people still don’t feel it as that; rather, they think it’s a problem that should be feared. To help you overcome that, Joe, David, Karen, and Bret are bringing back topics that tackle the many retirement…

TFS 19 | Financial Hardships

Financial Hardships And Women

By David Bezar | March 5, 2018

  Statistically, women are more likely to handle financial resources than men. They make up a huge percentage of consumers in America today and are the most powerful contributors to the economy, making it a wonder why not so many talks are aimed at women creating financial decisions. This undeniably leaves them frozen and less…

TFS 18 | Financial Education

Let’s Talk Health Benefits

By David Bezar | February 27, 2018

  We spend more time deciding about other things than we do on our financial future. Undeniably, we’re less confident in this aspect because the system lacks in providing enough credible information that allows people to make the right financial decisions. This is why education is so important. Joe, David, Karen, and Brett lay down…

TFS 17 | Financial Advice

Need Financial Advice? Nice To Meet You!

By David Bezar | February 27, 2018

  It’s the age of both information and misinformation. With all the fake news going around, many people fall into the trap of believing the wrong thing. This is especially dangerous when you’re starting to plan for your financial future. You may find yourself in the middle of a he-said she-said battle. What it all…

TFS 16 | Stock Market

Uh, hello? Stock Market? You There? with Bob Hansen

By David Bezar | February 13, 2018

  When people dive into planning their financial future, one of the things they fear is the stock market. It is said that your financial investments for the future is heavily influenced on the state of the market. Currently, there has been an undeniable presence of volatility out there and that leaves a lot of…

TFS 15 | Financial Planning

I’m Retiring And Overwhelmed

By David Bezar | January 29, 2018

  Vacationing to far-off places can seem like a dream. When we think of all the planning that has to be made, we come to realize that maybe that goal by the end is too far off. Much like when we plan for our retirement, the need to plan is very important for everything to…