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TFS 14 | Retirement Equity

Are You Under-Utilizing Your Funds? with Bob Hansen

By David Bezar | January 24, 2018

  Vacationing can seem like a task with all the stress that is associated with planning but when done right you will surely enjoy the most of it. The Thrive experts talk about booking your trip to retirement, using vacationing as a metaphor. There is just too much to know about planning for your financial…

TFS 13 | 401(k)

What is a 401(k) And Do I Need It?

By David Bezar | January 15, 2018

  Having a retirement savings plan may not seem as enticing for a number of people. That’s only because they don’t know what to do with it, or they’re still at that mindset where future things should be for the future. They still need to get the proper financial education that will help them see…

TFS 12 | Financial Resolutions

Get Your 2nd Opinion Here!

By David Bezar | January 9, 2018

  2017 has come to a close and 2018 is here. It’s a new year for plans and a new year for another batch of financial stress. In a survey, it is found out that 62% of Americans were reported to be stressed about money. Yet only 25% of those have any financial resolutions. Why…

TFS 11 | 2018 Financial Plans

Happy Tax-Max!

By David Bezar | January 2, 2018

  The year is ending and that means another year of financial woes to look forward to. If you’re the type who’s planned and ready to take on the next year, then you’ll find bliss with your future financial plans. Reflect on some of the highlights of the past year as well as the things…

TFS 10 | Social Security

Social Security And Medicare

By David Bezar | December 21, 2017

  At the end of the day, making a good decision is all about education and advocacy. With everybody using plastic and everybody is buying like crazy, we have to protect ourselves. When we’re using credit cards, at the back of our minds we should always be asking, “Is this a legitimate site? Is it…

TFS 9 | Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages with Bob Hansen

By David Bezar | December 20, 2017

  The job of a good quality financial advisor is to come up with solutions that are oriented to someone’s specific challenges. When you sit down with a client, you’re wide open to tailoring what’s going to work best for that individual client. You are not specific to one way to find success for that…

TFS 08 | Required Minimum Distributions

Required Minimum Distributions

By David Bezar | December 12, 2017

  We all want to retire and enjoy the entirety of it with no problem, however, people tend to take the preparation aspect for granted. For some, they get stuck because they don’t know how in the first place. Learn about required minimum distributions, Social Security, Medicare, taxes, and more in the book The Roadmap…

TFS 04 | Annuity

Fear The Annuity!

By David Bezar | October 29, 2017

  Many people fear the word “annuity” in retirement. They think it’s the most evil thing in the world. Yet through proper education, people will find that it could actually be one of the greatest things to have happened. The Thrive experts break down all the misconceptions about it that make people miss out on…

TFS 6 | Social Security Misconceptions

Social Security Misconceptions

By David Bezar | October 29, 2017

  Many people would claim that they are all familiar with social security. Yet studies show that people don’t have an accurate sense of how much money they’re going to receive from it. Part of the reason why that’s the case is because of the misconceptions that cloud social security and what it is all…

TFS 7 | Social Security Benefits

Maximize Social Security Benefits

By David Bezar | October 29, 2017

  We have heard so many people share their experiences about going to the Social Security Administrator and asking them but failing to get some answers. What people don’t know is that it is what it is by design. The government does not give any financial advice because it might backfire. Fortunately, there are financial…