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What are RMD’s, and Why are They Important?

David, Karen, Bret, and Joe discuss all things Thrive, including why you should be up-to-date on your knowledge of RMD’s, or required minimum distributions. I can’t believe it David, but we are down to, if there were a calendar or a clock in front of us right now,  everything is clicking over into 2019. It’s…

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Am I prepared for Retirement in 2019?

David, Karen, and Bret each discuss a unique topic and trend that is going on in the financial industry. Some topics include stock trends heading into 2019, how to approach annuities, and why you should start saving for retirement now. Listen to the full podcast below! It is becoming more apparent, on a weekly basis,…

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Oh No! Did I Make a Mistake?

    An article titled “The Three Mistakes That Can Cost You a Fortune” is discussed as well real life stories that exemplify the importance of getting a professional’s opinion on Social Security. The Thrive experts bring real information, real understanding, and real solutions as they address the subject of taxes in retirement which is…

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