THE SECURE ACT – A Soap Opera of Tax and Estate Planning

Written by Jeff Walker, Financial Planner: There are many risks people face before and throughout retirement.  Most people understand stock market risk, healthcare risk, and inflation risk but the risk of losing wealth due to taxes is one that is often overlooked or misunderstood.  Unfortunately, understanding tax risk isn’t simple or intuitive and the reality …

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Bonds in 2022

Written by Erik Schuster, CFP® Financial Planner: US Stocks and Bonds are moving in the same direction, down.  Since 2000, it is rare to see stocks and bonds move in correlation.  It happened briefly in 2008 and again in 2018.  Both occurrences were short-lived.  What we are seeing today is the perfect storm the Federal …

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How The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Could Affect Americans

When Putin invaded Ukraine in late February 2022, President Biden announced sanctions targeting Russian banks, the country’s sovereign debt and Russian oligarchs, warning that Russia would pay an even steeper price if it did not cease its aggression. In the early days of the conflict, European banks braced for the fallout. However, U.S. bank executives …

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What We Worry About

Retirement Planning A recent survey found that about 50% of couples do not agree on how much money they should have saved by retirement. However, new research shows that couples who engage in financial planning together tend to be happier and more successful during retirement. Interestingly, couples that score highly on cognitive interdependence (meaning they …

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