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The Thrive Process

Bret discusses new laws in 2019, Karen talks about the importance of women being involved in their retirement plans, and David goes over what to expect during a complimentary consultation with Thrive. We’re coming off of what I thought was a great discussion last week. There was a great example by Bret, which allowed me…

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Where Are Your Tax Dollars Going?

  David Bezar, Bret Elam and Karen Bezar discuss the pitfalls of women in retirement, social security and the importance of having a financial plan in place after the death of a spouse.       I would like to start this weeks blog by praising our Thrive Army. We can say with an unconditional…

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What Happens When Your Spouse Passes

  There are only two inevitable things in life, death and taxes. We’ve covered taxes quite a bit during our workshops, but what happens when your spouse passes? It can be a difficult topic to talk about when death is the subject. It is an inevitable reality but it’s certainly something that should be dealt…

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