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Tax Day 2019

Tax Day. It’s a day that many Americans are reflecting on or saying that their tax bill is going to go up. Others are looking for more last-minute advice about taxes. What’s the penalty for a late tax return? All of those questions start to come in and kind of form above us, this big…

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The Evolution of Thrive

David, Karen, and Bret discuss the progress within Thrive Financial Services after 3 months of 2019, as well as Tax Day approaching on April 15th. Tax Day, of course, is a day that gives a lot of people angst when they hear April 15th, but all is calm at Thrive Financial Services. I don’t say…

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It’s Tax Season!

David, Karen, Bret, and Joe dive into a discussion about taxes and break down some strategies for 2019. Karen also discusses current developing trends among senior citizens in the U.S. How quickly we went from ending up the month of February into the month of March, and now coming into our vision is taxes April…

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