Who Else Do You Want to See Thrive?

Our “from alive to thrive” referral program means you can help those you care about get the clarity & confidence they need to thrive with their finances.

What’s the “From Alive to Thrive” Referral Program?

Life matters too much to just be alive — no, you and those you love deserve to Thrive. The challenge is that many wealth management firms focus on doing just enough to help you stay alive financially. With our Referral Program, this is our commitment to take care of those you love so they can truly Thrive.

Picture someone you know who is in need of a great support team. Maybe they’re someone who is:


Facing the loss of a loved one


Undergoing a medical crisis


Thinking about retiring early


Concerned about running out of money


Unsure about paying for long-term care


Interested in tax-efficient income planning, preserving assets, or avoiding probate

Our team of experienced financial advisors are ready to connect with them in a no-pressure, empathetic conversation. If we’re the right fit, we’ll tell your friend or family member how we can work together. If we’re not a great fit, we will do our best to help them connect with someone who may be that right fit for them.

Why Thrive?

With you as one of our Advocates, we recognize it’s not just our reputation on the line when you make a referral. It’s your reputation as well.


At Thrive Financial Services, we understand the value of trust. It’s the heartbeat behind every decision we make as true fiduciaries for our clients. Stewardship, trust, integrity — these aren’t buzzwords or boxes for us to check; they’re standards of expectation for what we demand from ourselves.

It’s why you’re even reading this page. You have confidence in what our team is doing or has done for your financial future. It’s that simple: If we do our jobs right the first time, the referrals we receive are a sign of trust.

Who Do You Know Who Needs to Thrive?

To share your referral, please send your referral’s contact info to [email protected] or make a “virtual introduction” by filling out this form:

Referral Campaign

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