The Great Relocation Era



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The Great Relocation Era

For Gen X, Gen Z and millennials, their future may be spent somewhere other than where they currently live. Thanks to the remote work model driven by COVID-19, some employers see the value of a permanent offsite workforce.

Because of that, some people may look for more affordable home options — perhaps in a nice neighborhood with a good school system — in another town or state. Some may look for an urban loft instead of living in the suburbs near their office park. Others may hit the open road — maybe buy a camper or a tiny house on wheels instead of a brick rancher with a homeowner’s association. The pandemic brought with it a certain amount of flexibility and freedom previously unknown to the working masses: Mobility. Work remote, live remote.

According to a survey by Upwork, up to 23 million Americans already have or are planning to relocate, with a large number looking to exchange big-city life for small-town environs.1 One year since COVID-19 hit the nation, many employees are asking, “Does working from home mean home can be anywhere?”


1 Jane Lanhee Lee. Reuters. Oct 29, 2020. “Up to 23 million people in U.S. could move thanks to remote work, survey finds.” Accessed Nov. 19, 2020.

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